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최종 수정일: 2021년 3월 30일

LOUIS CLUB Visual Identity

Client : Taejin International

Service : Verbal Creative,Design

Year : 2014


Action Bow Tie for Liberal Intellectual

The appearance gives a prestigious and refined look, while the inner side harbors a free and creative spirit.


The concept of Louis Club (Taejin International’s multi-brand shop for men) is about the dignified appearance and the creative mind of an intellectual individual.


The firm bow tie represents ‘the Intellectual Dignity’ of a gentleman, while the action painting technique that embodies an innovative icon in contemporary art symbolizes ‘the Innovative Liberty’. A harmonious blend of two different images, Intellectual Dignity and Innovative Liberty, manifests ‘The Liberal Intellectual’ which is a unique brand concept.

- BI Basic System

- BI Application System & Graphic Motif

- iF Design Award 2016 Winner

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