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#3. 0720

최종 수정일: 2021년 3월 30일

0720 BI Design

Client: BCL Cosmetics

Service : Strategy,Verbal Creative,Design

Year : 2016


Starting teen girls are in total confusion in how to buy and apply make-ups, leading to carelessly buying low qualities and to worsening their budding skin. The brand 0720 has been created after studying on 1,000 teens’ needs. The brand concept is “The So-Easy Cosmetics” designed for the primary beauty solution for girls who long to express their beauty safely, correctly, with fun. The brandname represents 07:20 am in the morning,

when on-the-go girls have to fuss over going to school, harboring the secret code of digitally expressed time. The story 0720 that “we are really busy but will not be lazy in grooming ourselves” is starting here

- Brand Name

- BI Design

- Application Design

- iF Design Award 2017 Winner

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