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#5. gQlab

gQlab BI Design

Client : ILDONG Pharmaceutical

Service : Verbal Creative,Design

Year : 2015



The lactobacillus, which was known as bacteria, is one of the health ingredients like Vitamin for us now. However, people still come up with the lactobacillus brand in convenience store or mart and hardly think of the pharmaceutical companies or drug stores yet. The reason is that there is still no brand easily reaches the consumers. Under this circumstance, to be the first brand in customers’ minds concerning ‘lactobacillus’ and ‘stomach health’, ILDONG Pharmaceutical Company, who did R&D in lactobacillus for almost 60 years, created the premium lactobacillus brand ‘gQlab’.

For the successful launching, ILDONG Pharmaceutical Company carried out the internal naming contest as well as the internal design and at the same time commit the new brand naming, BI and package design to Metabranding. After the 5 months’ collaboration, gQlab officially launched on Oct. 2015. It has become a stable and impressive player not only in probiotics market but also in the OTC medicine market where is awfully hard for new brand to stay. What’s more, it won reputation by the package design award for the differentiation in design and remains in people’s mind as a good example of communication design.


The original purpose of ILDONG Pharmaceutical Company was to develop the high-class lactobacillus brand and it desired to appeal the domestic highest-level of technology as well as sixty-years’ professionalism in brand. Besides, the brand image was expected to be accessible and friendly as possible since it would position as a daily health functional food rather than a therapeutic medicine.

So inspired from gut quotient(GQ) similar from IQ and EQ, gQlab resolved the concerns of technology expression and further became a useful business solution in sales and marketing. In particular, clients were highly satisfied and made the decision as soon as the second report was done with only 20 name candidates.

After the good naming, comes the good design. Even though the definition of good design is different, as for gQlab, emphasizing the remedial effect in communication is extremely important as a food and medicine brand. Therefore, the small letter ‘g’ and the capital ‘Q’ was used to visualize the image of gut quotient and made the difficult remedial effect easier to recognize through the various pictograms. The title of monthly publication about gQlab reflected the success of our solution, which is ‘the definitely beneficial graphic design to stomach’.

- BI Design

- Package System

- Good Design Award 2012 winner

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