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#6. MIN&智 Group

Tangible Benefit & Creating Better Life

MIN&智 Group Corporate Identity System

Client : MIN&智 Group

Service : Design

Year : 2017


Min & Zi Group is composed of 4 IT-based companies that are creating substantial benefits for making human life more comfortable.

Key Considerations

1. Built up the integrated visual identity system of the 4 companies

2. Provided the new vision value and visual concept to a respective company

3. Prepared for the future expansion plans including subsidiaries

Design Concept

Design Inspiration : Mandala

Integration through Convergence & Divergence (Mandala)

We think the nature of Min & Zi Group is mirroring the Mandala deign and spirit. The Mandala is a combination of “Mandal(nature)”and “la(ownership)” meaning “being the owner, or harboring the nature.”

1. With the Mandala we want to embody spreading out IT-based practical benefits outward and simultaneously mustering a variety of information to the Group center, which represents the company’s lasting mutual communication with customers.

2. With the Mandala we want to signify a unifying and consistent Group image to connect various symbol marks of subsidiaries required in the potential M & As

3. With the Mandala referring to the oriental 12 zodiac, we want to express the future expansion plans going over the current IT-based business entities of Min&Zi Group.

We designed the integrated CI after assaying the consistent visual identity and the future expandability. We adopted Mandala, the universe truth that reveals the inner circle in the 4 different symbols symbolizes the IT concentration and represents the substantial life benefits to spread out to the infinite. We maintained the clear visual consistency in designing the different shapes of symbol. Mandala shows well-balanced contrasts of all light beam directions both from inward to outward, and from outward to inward. This perfect equivalence that Mandala shows has inspired us to figure out a central symbol design for the potential subsidiaries that will be an axle to maintain the consistent visual identity between the affiliated companies.

Logo & Graphic Motif

The graphic motif helps to express each specific corporate value and future vision that

a simple symbolmark can’t promise on. The graphic motif is designed to have two types: flexible and patterned, which will enable us to employ a wide range of design uses.

Custom Font

Min & ZI group has developed its own letter style MNZ Gothic to forge the image of technology and trust. The respective logotype of each affiliated company is designed to

foster the image of the group’s consistency.

- CI Basic Design System

- Application Design System

- iF Design Award 2019 winner

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