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#6. MNZ Group

MNZ Group CI Design Renewal

Client : MNZ Group

Service : Design

Year : 2017



The IT solution company, MNZ Group possesses 4 affiliate companies including MNZ, Bioeleven, Settlebank and ThenextC. However, these 4 companies’ CI were lack of visual consistency and resulted in the difficulty of being recognized as one group company.

Under this circumstance, Metabranding started the new integrated CI design development.

Following were the specific scopes:

1. (CI design) Develop integrated CI (Increase the visual consistency of 4 different CIs)

2. (CI design) Combine symbol and logo type to develop integrated CI

3. (Extended system) Extended system for the new company. Since it is possible to establish new affiliate companies in the future through M&A, the development of extended system for the new company was required.

Mandala : Convergence & Divergence


The 4 affiliate companies specialize in different fields. MNZ, the IT solution specialized company; Bioeleven, the probiotic specialized company; Settlebank, the ‘virtual account’ service specialized company and ThenextC, specialized in ‘fetus ultrasonic waves’ service. However, these 4 companies share the same vision, which is to create a practical benefit based on technology (IT) for better and more convenient life of human-beings. Therefore, Metabranding reflected each of their inherent core values and visions into 4 symbol marks, which are: challenge(MNZ), origin(Bioeleven), stability(Settlebank), and care(ThenextC).

The design solution reflected through mandala pattern, which symbolizes the universe, the world we live in. The main circle in the center of symbol stands for the technology (IT), and the spreading effect means that the technology (IT) will bring practical benefit into people’s life. (mandala: a symmetric shape, basically has 2 circumstances, expand from inside to outside and converge from outside to inside). In this way, even if each symbol carry different core values, they are able to have strong visual consistency.

The usage of mandala pattern was chosen under consideration of future business extension. By applying the mandala pattern, the new company will be able to remain the visual identity with other affiliate companies. In addition to create strong identity system, Metabranding also developed graphic motif to strongly express the core value and vision of company, which is difficult to express only by symbol mark alone.

Moreover, to convey the technology competency, as well as trusty brand image, Metabranding developed personalized typeface for MNZ Group, MNZ Gothic. This typeface will be used in affiliate companies’ logotype, which efficiently increased the consistency of visual image. The technology (IT) is used to make our lives more convenient and beneficial, and MNZ group is developing such technology and the related business. We hope our design works could provide even a little support for MNZ Group to create more beautiful and better life.

- CI Basic & Application Design

- iF Design Award 2019 winner

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