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WOORI Financial Group

Client : WOORI Financial Group
Service : Strategy, Design
Year : 2020

The First Finance in Our Mind


Woori Financial Group organized in 2019 aimed to establish a brand management system at the entire financial group in the wake of the completed holding system and to strengthen digital brand competitiveness in preparation for the post-pandemic era. Metabranding had been commissioned to work on a project to enhance corporate value, focusing on the three tasks of planting corporate value system, building up brand strategy, strengthening digital brand competitiveness.


Metabranding worked to mold the interest and consensus of internal employees by helping to provide a value system across the group level, and, by developing a brand manual, to work on the standard for consistent brand activity and internal/external communication within the holding organization, including affiliates. Also, in order to react a practical promotion/advertisement direction, Metabranding reinforced IMC strategy that contains the budget guides. Within the digital domain, Metabranding helped to fortify the strategic will and expertise of Digital Transformation by instituting Woori Bank’s WON brand strategy.

In brand design, Metabranding developed a group graphic motif system and application designs by diagnosing visual elements and drawing out improvement directions and provided the standard for consistent brand activities and internal/external communication within the organization by creating a manual for brand guidelines.

The design concept of the graphic motif is a frame type that displays number 1, which means 'the first finance in our mind', the slogan of Woori Financial Group, and the frame occupying the top expresses the financial professional who prizes principles and beliefs. The diagonal line upwards on the top right represents the innovation and future that will lead the market.

Woori Financial Group that adopted the major advice results of this project is currently practicing internal branding and marketing communication. The designs and expressions are being employed and displayed in public expositions, group homepages, and video advertisements according to the 2021 Woori Financial Group Vision Declaration Ceremony.

This new value system has been an opportunity to newly awaken internal employees and managers to the stiff and complex and unrecognizable value system of the past and proceed to reform interest and consensus among them. And it contributes to preparing for distinguishing and practical marketing contents to the outsiders.

In addition, by fronting WON as the group's digital representative brand, this has bred an opportunity to solidify a meaningful strategic rationale and to bring about a brand management plan in sports sponsorships as well as marketing content elements through clearer brand identity.

 Brand Core Value, Digital Brand Strategy, Brand Slogan / Brand Slogan Design, BI Application System / Brand Guidelines

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