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Client : Kakao Group

Service : Strategy

Year : 2015

Brand roles & responsibilities : Daum & Kakao


Merged in October 2014, DaumKaKao has faced a new challenge: how to create a synergy between the iconic online portal Daum and the No. 1 mobile service Kakao. Announcing a new corporate vision ‘Life Platform’ 1 year after the new start, DaumKakao asked Metabranding to join in drawing out a future picture of DaumKakao. Metabranding provided 3 months consulting service on this issue including corporate brand portfolio strategy, architecture system and corporate name change.



The main objective is to set up roles & responsibilities of Daum & Kakao. The two need to pursue a same goal and cooperate efficiently not to compete against. Metabranding named the project ‘Brand house building project’, successfully structured out the two essential pillars, Daum and Kakao, and established rules and guidelines on managing numerous sub-level service brands under the pillars. Specifically, guidelines on brand endorsement and extension were clearly devised according to newly articulated principles of the DaumKakao brand house. So, what is Daum & Kakao’s R&R? Kakao is defined as ‘a messenger based life platform’ that is a daily communication led horizontal platform allowing varieties of life choices whereas Daum is entitled ‘a community based interest sharing platform’ that is a vertical platform enabling depth of personal interests. The project’s outcome resulted in corporate name change, ‘DaumKakao’ to ‘Kakao’. With highlight on Kakao’s leading role that is compatible with corporate vision ‘life platform’, ‘Kakao’ became a new name for Daum-Kakao corporation.


Brand Portfolio Strategy / Brand Architecture / Brand Extension Guideline

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