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Key Partners across Asia Pacific Branding Network

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About APBN

Asia Pacific is an attractive market that draws lots of attention from all over the world as it is a region that is rapidly growing and has a variety of industries and business opportunities. Metabranding, as leading brand consultancy based in Seoul, captured the growth potential and opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, and made sure that Asia Pacific Branding Network (APBN) is needed to consolidate the weak joint networking among local brand companies. Accordingly, in April 2018, Metabranding, while discovering various global new business opportunities and sharing knowledge, networked the APBN which is a coalition of representative branding consultants from Asian countries. Launching the Asia Pacific Branding Network, 17 business partners from 12 nations managed to sign MOUs. APBN has currently held the Asia Branding Conference once a year for sharing main projects insights and exchanging brand cases knowledge. In addition, APBN has published the monthly newsletter that covers a range of seminar events and main case studies among member countries. Also global member exchange programs have been practiced by each concerned member company.


Asia Pacific Branding Network

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The Results of APBN Conference

ICommemorating the establishment of APBN, Metabranding hosted the first Asia Branding Conference 2018 at the Conrad Seoul Park Ballroom in Yeoui-do on November 8th, 2018. The theme of the first conference was "Why Asian Millennials?" The Millennials who were born after the 1980s are the generation most familiar with the digital environment at the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution and they are leading the trend of social changes. Millennials, which accounts for about 25 percent of the world's population, are even more important in emerging and developing Asian countries, with China at the forefront. We shared valuable experience in understanding the Millennials who are changing economic, socio-cultural and political paradigms, ones whose different values and spending patterns are sharply differentiated from the previous generation.


The 2nd Asia Branding Conference was held on November 28, 2019 at the Intercontinental Hotel Seoul COEX Diamond Hall. Under the theme of "Unboxing the Trends," we looked at four mega trends: "Premium," "Super-aged Society," "Digital," and "Social Value," bracing for the future of the 2020 Asian brands and branding strategies. Metabranding, one with its 25 years of rich consulting know-how, came up with the premium codes of consumers in Korea. LG Electronics received applauding response by sharing LG Signature's premium branding strategy. Japan and China have delivered branding strategies given the market conditions of each country that are effectively adapting the super-aged and digital era. And Taiwan and India have drawn empathetic impressions by presenting case brandings that reflect the vernacular social value of businesses and consumers.


The 3rd APBN conference will be held in 2020 and we plan to look at the Asian market with a global group of top experts and brand consulting firms in Asia, sharing the successful stories of Asian culture, trends, lifestyle.

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